Ray's High School Class Reunion

Aug 14~15 2009


Baker High School Class of 59 50th Class Reunion

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Published on Nov. 16, 2009 by Ray Fried

Fifty years have passed since we walked out of the BHS halls. Some of our classmates are no longer with us however it was great that a good number were able to return for this event. As it turned out, some attended that I haven't seen since graduation day.

Much to talk over!

Tom and Jack

So much has happened to all of us. Of course there were old memories that we all shared too. Time was too short and stories were too long!


One of the things that impressed me so much and for which I am very thankfull is the fact that we can carry memories of each other around with us for years and years! Of course with more or less detail depending on the circumstances - and what we want to admit!


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Tom McGonigal Featured Guest


Tom added so much insight and humor by telling stories that took place behind the scenes during our high school years. Thanks Tom for your presence with us - both now and also 50 years ago!



Several people had done a lot of planning to make this a fun time. Thanks!

Jim Helgeson kept things moving by reminding us of our pre-high school years. We enjoyed a great meal made from Montana Beef!


Those of us that could still climb up were able to ride around Baker in the Fallon Country Parade. Thanks Francis for the groundwork to make this happen.

Tom and Tom