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Tu People of China

Quanting Village

Published on 6-Dec-2009 by Ray Fried

We had the privilege to travel to Quanting to observe a festival of the "Tu" people. Quanting is located East of Xining 4 hrs. by bus. We traveled with one of Twyla's English students who comes from that village. We were invited to the student's home where we found her parents very hospitable and friendly although we could not speak or communicate directly.

What made this visit particularly interesting was the fact that Twyla's student's parents are part of the Tu people group which does not have a written language. Additionally they do not speak Mandarin which means that they are illiterate with no practical way of overcoming this situation. Furthermore, the Tu people group is a vanishing group. The culture will be lost if someone doesn't soon study and document it.

You can learn more about the Tu people by going to Wikipedia.

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Published on 7-Dec-2009 by Ray Fried

PlowingThe festival is an annual cultural event. As far as we could tell, it consists of burning incense, dancing and chanting, and the use of wine and bread brought by participants.

All of the dancing is done by men, even in the case where the depicted character was a woman. The dances typically told an ancient story about military operations, farming, or other historical events.

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