Fried Family Campout at Glacier National Park

July 7~9 2009


Fried Family Campout

Glacier National Park

Published on 6-Dec-2009 by Ray Fried

Several of us "Emil Fried Offspring" set aside a few days to get together in Glacier National Park in July of 2009. This turned out to be a wonderful meeting place: relatively close for most of us including some of our children and grandchildren. As for me, there were some highlights:

  • A chance to visit and catch up on what was going on in each other's lives.
  • An opportunity to get a little exercise and stretch ourselves physically as we hiked.
  • An opportunity to do something memorable together (11 mile hike).
  • Wonderful food and lunches were organized by Melody (Arlee/Ramona's daughter).

A good detailed map of the area can be found at Park Map. It is adjustable in resolution and location.

Photo Viewer

We all enjoyed taking and sharing pictures. This web page contains a sample of those pictures. To view them, just click on any thumbnail below as a starting point. Then you can either press "N" for the next photo or "P" for the previous picture. If you place your mouse near the upper left or right of each expanded picture, you can also navigate by clicking on Prev or Next. When finished, click on "CloseX".

Comments by the Attendees

Published on 6-Dec-2009 by ????

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Next Year

Many people made statements to the effect that we should make this an annual event. I will be adding pages to collect your inputs regarding a follow-on event. Until I get those pages posted, please be thinking about where you would like to meet, what you would like to do and when you would like to get together. My hope is that if we do get together, even more of our siblings and children/grandchildren will be able to meet with us.